Black friday and cyber monday – what consumer rights

The pre-Christmas shopping rush is approaching. After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, while waiting for the purchased products, it is worth to get acquainted with consumer rights. The less problems we have with the shopping the more successful it will be. What are the obligations of sellers? What rights do the buyers have?
Here is what rights we have.
1.Internet shopping:
Is it necessary to verify the contents of the package in the presence of the courier
If you see that the package is damaged, open it in front of the courier and if necessary write a protocol with him. If you do not want or cannot check the package in the presence of the courier, then open it, take pictures and record a video.
The goods arrived damaged, who is responsible for that?
If the seller decided about the choice of the courier company, then he is responsible for the damage of the goods.
When should I receive the purchased product?
Within 30 days from the date of order, the deadline is valid in all EU countries. If the time limit is extended, your rights as a consumer allow you to withdraw from the contract.
Can I return a discounted product?
Current consumer rights allow you to return goods within 14 days of receiving them. However, the goods should not bear traces of use. There are exceptions from this rule e.g. goods produced on special order e.g. jewelry with engraving, unsealed CDs or games.
What is the safest way to pay?
Payment by credit card is the safest form of payment in another EU country. In a situation when a seller fails (e.g. does not deliver the goods within 30 days) you can apply to your bank for a charge back procedure.
2.Stationary shopping:
Can I claim the goods?
Yes, if the product has a defect, you can turn to the seller within 2 years from the date of delivery. Unless the product has been discounted due to a defect and this is explicitly stated – you cannot claim for such a defect.
What can I demand during the complaint?
You can ask for repair, replacement or price reduction. Consumer rights state that the trader must deal with the complaint within 14 days – if the trader does not meet the deadline, it is assumed that he has accepted the complaint. If the defect is significant, you can request to withdraw from the contract. To make a claim, it is best to have the proof of purchase.
Can I return the product?
The possibility of returning a product depends on the seller’s goodwill and he determines the conditions. It is worth asking about it before buying.
If the price at the checkout is higher than the one on the label or tag, we have the right to buy the product at a better price.

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